I grew up listening to Old School Hip Hop Mixtapes and admiring the content they present. It inspired me, helped in moving on, filled my soul with positive energy and motivated me. But I never got a chance to learn to play any musical instrument. I always thought, if listening to music can heal my soul-what it would have been like if I knew to create or play something of my own.

With thoughts like these, I started reading about the influence of music on humans and came to cross with a number of negative perceptions. But in most cases, the scientific explanations are opposite to popular destructive acuities.

Playing Music and Violence

A few cases of teenagers indulged in violent activities because of music made me think about the question does playing music cause violence? Research says “NO.”

According to U.S council of psychiatrists’ music is a social glue that binds people from different backgrounds, age groups, gender, and statuses. The beats harmonize the blood cells and reduce anxiety. University of Washington Journal of behavior and music says, “Playing music enhances the ability to accept and tolerate people. It also allows teens to channelize their energies constructively.”

Patricia Shaun Campbell, who is a Ph.D. in human behaviors presented her research in 2017 which says; Kids from schools where music classes are a part of the curriculum are 48% less violent in contrast with the students of schools where music is not taught.

Music, substance abuse and gun culture

In a journal on Negative effects of rap music on youth, it is clearly mentioned that music endorses negativity like drugs intake, use of guns, and alcohol for teens as a style statement. The journal was highly criticized by the Art and Cultural Society of U.S.A. The counter discussion stated that only 13%of music includes lyrics which fantasize the dark realities of the world. In most situation, the cinematography includes substance abuse and gun culture to add glamour but not the music.

When it comes to playing musical instruments and learning music production the scenario is different. The mentors always prefer to deliver positivity through music. Students who present motivational and constructive content through music are rewarded with good grades. The common topics on which music schools focus include issues of teen pregnancy, hate crimes, social unacceptance, gender equality, substance abuse, and weapon ethos.

Music Disturbs Educational System

Many a times, the lyrics spark a controversy amongst the critiques and pops up numerous social issues. Among which criticism over the current educational system was in the limelight. The fact is most of the disparagements linked to the educational system are real problems of many students.

It is not disturbing the system but highlighting the imbalances present in the system which let teens suffer throughout their schooling period. Student councilors at various schools and colleges consider that 15% of potential school dropouts change their decision just because of music classes. Majority of students stated that playing musical instruments taught them self-discipline and anger management.

Music playing and production is a very constructive activity, and most of the pessimistic approaches are wrong. However, when it comes to selecting music for inspiration or practice, the mentors should guide teens to minimize issues.

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